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Digital Anthologies


Reality in Modern Age. Texts on Literature, Art, Photography and Film

Susanne Knaller

This database systematically and analytically prepares texts for the first time that constitutively question the relationship between art and reality/substantiality in aesthetics and poetics. On the one hand, this text corpus functions as an anthology, comprising different genres (essay, book, manifest, letter, program, lecture, essay, etc.) from the 18th to the 20th century. On the other hand, a text analysis system specially developed for the project, which is based on selected categories, suitable key points and an extensive register, enables multiple accesses to and between the texts. The anthology is completed with general conceptual texts and bibliographical references.

online at http://gams.uni-graz.at/context:reko


Twilight Zones. Liminal Texts of the Long Turn of the Century (1880-1940)

Susanne Knaller, Stephan Moebius, Martina Scholger

The project group, consisting of researchers of literary studies, sociology and digital humanities, collects and analyses German-language and French texts from 1880 to 1940. A main aim of the project is to assemble, define and examine such a corpus for the first time. The chosen texts can be considered as “liminal texts since they deny a classification into traditional systems, genres and forms by dissolving valid discourses and genre boundaries. On a formal level, it is particularly interesting that the corpus tests new formats of production and reception, designs new forms of situatedness and ventures new medial and modal experiments. Chosen text forms are studies, manifestos, program texts, letters, essays, newspaper articles, lectures, diaries, autobiographical notes, docu-fictions, notebooks, etc., which are formally and thematically dedicated to new paths and are neither scientific nor artistic texts in the strict sense.

In addition to the task of providing a new corpus, the challenge for the group lies in the project’s central idea to prepare an analytical digital anthology which combines discursive and formal analysis. The task is to analyze the textual particularities on a discursive and formal level by considering their nexuses and thus to contribute to a notion of text which takes into account that all textual formations have a formal and discursive as well as a conceptual value and function.


Centre for Cultural Studies

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Christine Schwanecke

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